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Elisa Magnanelli - Vista scholar since 2014

Reindeer noses and research on fossil and renewable energy. Do these things have anything in common? Yes! According to Vista scholar Elisa Magnanelli, we can learn a lot about energy consumption from these cute animals employed by Santa Claus. But first who is Elisa and how do you research these things? - As a little girl I grew up with pictures of Norway in our living room, because my parents came here on their honeymoon. They drove all the way from Italy after they got married, and fell in love with the beautiful nature here. Elisa never thought of coming to Norway to work, but many choices led her here.

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Maria Amelie has interviewed Elisa Magnanelli and five other VISTA scholars; Henrik Anfinsen, Charmain Hamilton, Casey William Nixon, Jack Leo and Lars Hov Odsæter. The interviews will be published here.

It has been a unique experience to get to know these young and talented researchers. As a journalist one usually interviews researchers who are at the end of their careers, when they have received prizes and become famous. I have met young people with passion and dedication for science, and I am sure we will hear more from them in the future. - Maria Amelie

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VISTA supports at any time approximately 20 projects on PhD and Post Doc level, in addition to one VISTA professorship, within the research areas listed below. Close to NOK 24 million will be allocated to VISTA projects in 2016.


The two VISTA scholars Sissel Slettemark Mundal and Lars Løseth tell their stories:

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