VISTA for 25 years. The story of and exceptional partnership.

VISTA supports young researchers and professorships

VISTA is a collaborative partnership between Statoil and the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. VISTA's overall vision is to stimulate basic mathematical and scientific research related to the exploitation and management of Norway's petroleum resources

Research Areas

VISTA supports at any time approximately 20 projects on PhD and Post Doc level, in addition to one VISTA professorship, within the research areas listed below. Close to NOK 24 million will be allocated to VISTA projects in 2016.


The two VISTA scholars Sissel Slettemark Mundal and Lars Løseth tell their stories:

Produced and directed by Olav Høgetveit


VISTA-dagen 2016

Norsk sokkel - hva nå?

(28.09.2016) More

Scholar Highlights of the Month

We have asked the VISTA scholars to share their highlights of August. Thanks to Ashkan, Lina Hedvig, Irina, Jack and Grace for sharing.

(31.08.2016) More


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