Technology to the rescue?

The Role of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in closing the carbon window

Norway is in the driver's seat for the development of CCS technology, but is Norway putting all its eggs in one basket with this prestigious project? At the International VISTA seminar on November 7, high-level experts will present their views on this issue.

Among the world-leading experts to speak at the VISTA seminar are three representatives from the MIT Energy Initiative. The MIT Energy Initiative's goal is to transform the world's energy systems for a sustainable, low-carbon energy future. Their director, Robert Armstrong, will open the seminar with a discussion of the roles and challenges for CCS in meeting climate targets.

While principal and technical aspects of CCS are important, the economic, public and political aspects are not to be left behind. Professor Linda Steg will introduce key issues in regards to public acceptance of CCS, while professor Miranda Schreurs will focus on whether the Paris Agreement and CCS will be able to succeed.

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The background for this year's VISTA seminar is The European Academies' Science Advisory Council's (EASAC) report: Negative emission technologies - What role in meeting the Paris Agreement targets?

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