VISTA strategy

A basic research partnership between Equinor and the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

VISTA strategy:

Three new strategic themes for VISTA:

  1. Basin analysis, efficient resource identification and utilization, and unlocking new resources
  2. Future development solutions
  3. Sustainability, environment and low carbon solutions

Former strategy for the years 2014 - 2019:

This strategy for the VISTA programme is for the period 2014 - 2019. It builds on the collaboration agreement between Statoil (now Equinor) and the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters regarding the VISTA Programme for the same period. Annual action plans will be formulated during the strategy period.

Established in 1985, VISTA is a collaborative partnership between the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters and Statoil (now Equinor)with the overall vision of stimulating basic mathematical and scientific research related to the exploitation and management of Norway's petroleum resources. In addition VISTA aims to be an arena for strategic discussion between academia, industry and society at large. An overarching goal for VISTA is high-calibre research with a special emphasis on developing young researchers.

Statoil(now Equinor) donates NOK 20 million to VISTA each year for basic research. VISTA supports doctoral and post-doctoral research projects as well as a VISTA professorship within the defined priority areas.

VISTA aims to be a programme that nurtures new, groundbreaking ideas related to the exploitation and management of Norway's petroleum resources. For the period 2014 2019 VISTA has defined four priority areas within upstream activity focusing on methods for exploration and recovery of resources, field development, and protection of the environment in the areas where operations take place.

A variety of measures will be used to attain the goals. The main activity is the biannual call for applications for funding for doctoral and post-doctoral projects. In addition the programme supports a professorship. VISTA arranges a number of annual events including the VISTA Day each November and Scholar Meetings at Statoil's (now Equinor)research centre in Rotvoll and at the Academy.

VISTA maintains a clear focus on communicating the research results and highlighting the value for society of the research. The application process and calls for applications are publicised through the universities, and work is under way to raise the profile of VISTA through the media.

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