Application for VISTA Overseas Research Grant

The overseas grant may be awarded to a VISTA candidate as part of a research project funded by VISTA. The grant is a personal stipend and is not transferable. It is also possible to apply for funding of stays abroad during the VISTA period.

The stay abroad must be of significant importance to the research program, and must take place in an internationally recognized research environment.


VISTA may award overseas grants for a period of 3-6 months to a VISTA candidate (PhD or post doctor).


The overseas grant is set at 16,000 NOK per month for singles and 31,000 NOK for families (2016).

The rates for overseas grants cover documented establishment costs as well as additional expenses incurred during the research stay abroad. In addition, one may apply for coverage of travel expenses (least expensive mode of travel). VISTA covers only one two-way journey.

A family is defined as a grant recipient with a spouse or registered partner along with any children.

Scientific activity, such as professional traveling or operation of laboratory equipment is, as in previous years, covered by fixed assets and not connected to the personal grant.

Required documentation when applying for Overseas Research Grant

Applications must include technical justification for the stay abroad (maximum one A4 page) and a letter of invitation from the host research environment/institution confirming that the stay is relevant to the project.

Considerations in the assessment of the application

- Description of the stay abroad and its relevance to the research project and candidate.

- To what extent does the letter of invitation describe the research to be performed?

- To what extent will a collaboration with the resources that the university can offer be necessary for the project to be carried out? For example, will the candidate be part of a research team?

- To what extent will the person be performing independent work, such as the collection and processing of research material?

- The candidate's professional qualifications seen in relation to the research to be performed at the host research institution abroad.

Tax deduction
Research grants are, in principle, subject to taxation. However, expenses incurred to cover the grant's objectives (additional costs connected with the overseas stay) are deductible. The candidate must personally document any additional expenses. Pertinent expenses may include costs associated with acquiring a residence, purchase/sale/rent of cars, moving, freight, and purchase/sale of chattels. Regarding the cost of renting a house, the difference between the rent income in Norway and rent cost abroad is covered. The employee is required to inform VISTA about renting out their home residence during the overseas stay if applicable. When it comes to the purchase/sale of cars, the difference between buying and selling prices (documented at the time of sale/at the end of the overseas stay) is covered. This also applies to the purchase/sale of movables/chattels valued at more than 1000 NOK. Purchase/sale of movables worth less than 1000 NOK is not covered. Daily expenses and living costs like food, fuel, travel between home and workplace/campus, and parking, are not covered.

Upon incurring the additional expense, the person must as soon as possible - within a month at the latest - submit an account of disbursements, with vouchers.

Practical execution

1) The candidate/Project Manager submits an application for an overseas grant, with technical justification and letter of invitation attached.
2) The VISTA board accepts/rejects the grant application.
3) Upon incurring expenses, the candidate must as soon as possible - within a month at the latest send forward an account of disbursements, accompanied by vouchers. Vouchers are submitted to the VISTA coordinator at vista@dnva.no within the last day of each month. The disbursements/vouchers need not be certified by the Project Manager. Produce a simple front page stating your name, overseas stay period (e.g. March 2015), and the total sum of outlays in NOK.
4) Overseas grants are paid in arrears, i.e. at the time of outgoing payment of salaries in the following month. Documented expenses are not subject to taxation.

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