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Future Development and Operations

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Division head: Kjetil Skaugset, Equinor
Tor Grande, NTNU

Photo: Subsea factory, Statoil ASAPhoto: Subsea factory, Statoil ASA

Future developments and operations shall address key competences and technologies that can enable new field developments or secure continued operation from existing infrastructure. Future developments will face very strict requirements in terms of their robustness, integrity and accessibility, as production will take place far from the shore, in deeper waters, in areas with ice and in areas with stringent environmental regulations.  In addition, the increased cost picture seen for new offshore field developments emphasize the need for simplified and smart solutions. Common for all challenges is that solving them will require new competence and new technologies. This is what focus area Future developments and operations is all about.

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Kjetil Skaugset

Division head, Future Development and Operations 

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