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Improved recovery

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Division head: Kent Holing, Equinor
Alex Hansen, NTNU

Photo: Transocean Leader at the Aldous field - core sample by Anette Westgaard, Statoil

Photo: Transocean Leader at the Aldous field - core samble. By Anette Westgaard, Equinor

The ultimate goal of the VISTA-IOR programme is to provide new knowledge and technology that will increase ultimate oil and gas recovery and accelerate production. To achieve this, fundamental knowledge within mathematical flow modelling, advanced thermodynamics, new recovery methods are all central. Likewise, it will require more wells at reduced cost and with increased production efficiency. Understanding the link between geology, geophysics, displacement mechanisms, and well solutions are of great importance.

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Kent Holing

Division head, Improved Recovery
E-mail: kho@statoil.com


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