Organization of VISTA

The VISTA-programme is led by the VISTA board, with representatives from both The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters and Equinor.

VISTA is administered by a coordinator from The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters and Equinor's program manager. Each research area is led by a scientific committee consisting of a division head from Equinor and a board member from The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.


The VISTA board as of 01.01.2022:

VISTA board:

  • Kenneth Ruud, professor of theoretical chemistry, FFI / UiT The Arctic University of Norway, chair
  • Tor Ulleberg, vice president, Equinor
  • Karin Andreassen, professor of geosciences, UiT The Arctic University of Norway 
  • Roger Sollie, project manager, Equinor
  • Unni Olsbye, professor of chemistry, University of Oslo

NTNU VISTA Centre for autonomous operations subsea (CAROS): 

  • Kenneth Ruud, professor, UiT/FFI, chair
  • Roger Sollie, Equinor
  • Karin Andreassen, professor, UiT
  • Ingrid Bouwer Utne, professor, Institute of marine technology
  • Sverre Steen, leader, Institute of marine technology  
  • Olav Bolland, dean, Faculty of engineering 

VISTA Center for Modeling of Coupled Subsurface Dynamics (CSD) (UiB): 

  • Kenneth Ruud, professor, UiT/FFI, chair 
  • Roger Sollie, Equinor
  • Unni Olsbye, professor, UiO
  • Antonella Zanna Munthe-Kaas, leader, Institute of mathematics
  • Ingunn Hindenes Thorseth, leader, Institute of Earth science 
  • Anne Marit Blokhus, pro dean, Faculty of mathematics and natural science


  • Kjetil Skaugset, professor, NTNU, and program manager, Equinor

  • Pål Pettersen, VISTA coordinator, DNVA.
    Phone: 415 10 974.
    E-mail: pal.pettersen@dnva.no.

  • Richard Kvile, accountant, DNVA
Drammensveien 78 · NO-0271 OSLO · NORWAY
Tel: +47 22 84 15 00 / +47 415 10 974
E-mail: vista@dnva.no