Research Area:

Oil and gas processing

Division committee:
Division head: Dag Schanke, Statoil
Tor Grande, NTNU

Photo: Řyvind Hagen/Statoil

The goal of the Oil and Gas Processing program is to develop new or improved processes or increase our understanding of fundamental aspects of oil and gas processing, through experimental or theoretical studies.

The main strategy and interest within the Oil and Gas processing area has been adjusted somewhat to focus more on upstream crude oil and gas processing and reducing the effort within other areas, such as natural gas conversion and biofuels. This has stimulated interest from new research communities and has resulted in several new applications in 2013, with one project already started up and others in the pipeline to start-up in 2014.

For an overview of completed projects, please contact VISTA.

Active projects

Completed projects

Dag Schanke

Division head, Oil and Gas Processing     
E-mail: dsc@statoil.com


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