Research Area: Environment

Functionalized Nanoparticles to improve crude oil quality (FNCO)

Project Number: 6461
Project Duration: 23.07.15 - 22.07.17

Prosjekt director: Johan Sjöblom

Division Head: Christian Collin-Hansen

Technical contact persons, Statoil:
Heidi Mediaas
Knut Vebjørn Grande


The deposition of metal naphthenates can cause operational and environmental problems during crude oil production and processing. The main goal of this project is to establish new methods for both preventing formation and facilitating removal of naphthenic acids responsible for formation of the metal naphthenates by using magnetic nanoparticles.  The newly developed methods will be based on the application of magnetic nanoparticles modified with certain chemical groups for extraction of the naphthenic acids before formation of the metal naphthenates (mitigation strategy) as well as removal of the metal naphthenates (remediation strategy). The nanoparticles will be designed according to their affinity to the carrying phase (oil, water, or interface). The methodology will bring concepts with the following advantages:


  • Nanoparticles will be recovered at the end of extraction, regenerated and recycled.
  • No toxic chemicals will be lost into oil or produced water due to material recovery at the end of the process.


Figure 1: The synthesized Fe3O4 MNP before (A) and after applying a magnet beneath the flask (B).

Literature review “Magnetic nanoparticles: applications for petroleum industry” in progress.






PostDoc: Galina Simonsen

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