Research Area: Environment

Development of a new automated tool for ecosystem service evaluation (EcoSET)

Project Number: 6158
Project Duration: 1. December 2011- 30. November 2014

Project Director: Vigdis Vandvik, UiB and Kathy Willis, Oxford University

Postdoc project


Biodiversity provides vital goods and services, such as pollination, food provision, carbon sequestration and water regulation that strengthen economic prosperity.  While conservation planning for biodiversity is a well-established research field, our ability to plan for ecosystem service provision is dependent upon the development of a reliable framework for understanding how ecosystems provide services and useful indicators for quantifying the provision of these goods and services. 

The aim of this project is to form the framework for a new automated tool (Ecosystem Service Evaluation Tool, EcoSET). The development of the EcoSET tool will entail obatining data and developing algorithms for the following five ecosystem service values (pollination, cultural services, carbon storage and, soil erosion prevention). During this project, the potential for incorporating long-term environmental data and their use in providing a dynamic measure of the rate of the ecosystem responses to climate or anthropogenic change.



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