Research Area: Improved recovery

Numerical modelling of shale-gas extraction processes

Project Number: 6351
Project Duration: 1. October 2011 - 30. September 2014

Project Director: Anders Malthe-Sørenssen, UIO
Division Head: Stein Børre Torp


Flow, fracturing and permeability generation in tight rocks:
We will investigate the coupling between fluid flow, fracturing, and  permeability generation during hydrofracturing,stimulated maturation and  production. A particular area of interest is to understand the effect of  proppants both during hydrofracturing and in the subsequent flow while  the system is closing.

Mechanical properties of shales:
We will initiate a study of analytical and numerical models to predict(anisotropic) transport and mechanical properties from microstructural  characteristics, with a particular emphasis on key behaviors relevant  for upscaling.

Surface processes in shale-gas systems:
We will initiate studies of CO2 sorption, CH4 sorption and competitive
CO2/CH4 sorption with the objective of assessing the promise of CO2  sequestration and CO2 enhanced gas production in tight rocks.


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Thøgersen K., Trømborg J.K., Scheibert J., Sveinsson, Andersen H., Malthe-Sørenssen A. (2014). History-dependent friction and slow slip from time-dependent microscopic junction laws studied in a statistical framework. Physical Review E, 89 052401, doi:10.1103/PhysRevE.89.052401


Trømborg J. K., Sveinsson, Andersen H., Scheibert J., Thøgersen K., Amundsen D. S., Malthe-Sørenssen A. (2014). Slow slip and the transition from fast to slow fronts in the rupture of frictional interfaces. PNAS, DOI: 10.1073/pnas/1321752111


Amundsen S. D., Scheibert J., Thøgersen K., Trømborg J. and Malthe-Sørenssen A. (2012). 1D Model of Precursors to  Frictional Stick-Slip Motion Allowing for Robust Comparison with  Experiments. Tribology letter.  ISSN 1023-8883. 45(2), s 357- 369. DOI: 10.1007/s11249-011-9894-3


Trømborg J., Scheibert J., Amundsen, Skålid D., Thøgersen K. and Malthe-Sørenssen A. (2011). Transition from Static to  Kinetic Friction: Insights from a 2D Model. Physical Review Letters. ISSN 0031-9007.  107(7) . DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.107.074301

Scholar: Kjetil Thøgersen

E-mail: kjettho@fys.uio.no
Institution: UIO

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