Research Area: Exploration

High throughput sequencing of deep sea metagenomes

Project Number: 6503
Project Duration: 15. April 2009 - 31. December 2012

Project Director: Kjetill S. Jakobsen, Centre of Ecology and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES), University of Oslo
Divison Head: Hans Kristian Kotlar


This project belongs to VISTA's previous research area Biotechnology

The objective of this project is to establish high throughput sequencing of DNA as a tool for metagenome investigations associated with oil and gas explorations in the deep sea northern regions, and make this competence accessible to other VISTA research groups through collaborations.

The metagenome is the collection of all genetic material within a sediment sample or any other kind of samples. Study of the metagenome can inform us about the microbial diversity within the samples and it helps us to understand the metabolic potential of the studied microbial community. This could be of importance regarding bioprospecting, because metagenomics can help us find novel enzymes.

Within this project we use high throughput sequencing, to determine if there is a relation between the microbial community in marine sediments and the presence of hydrocarbons, such as petroleum, in the subsurface. The techniques we use are amplicon sequencing of environemental tags, such as the ribosomal 16S rRNA, or genes involved in hydrocarbon degradation. In addition we use shot-gun sequencing of environmental DNA to determine simultaneously taxonomic and functional diversity or microbial communities. The data produced in these efforts is analyzed using the newest statistical approaches available.

Scholar: Anke Stuken

E-mail: ankes@bio.uio.no

Institution: University of Oslo

Drammensveien 78 NO-0271 OSLO NORWAY
Tel: +47 22 84 15 00 / +47 415 10 974
E-mail: vista@dnva.no