VISTA, looking forward

The VISTA seminar and the VISTA researcher day 2021

The VISTA seminar with invited researchers have discussed the consequences of harvesting resources from and in the ocean, in particular from the bottom of the ocean, also called the seabed. Not only discussing what the scientists already know, but also mapping uncertainties and what we need-to-know, and how new technologies can be sustainable in order to care take ocean health, was central for this year's international VISTA seminar.

​The traditional VISTA collaboration is a cooperation between Equinor and the Academy, dating back to 1985.

The VISTA collaboration: two research centers

VISTA program now also includes two new VISTA research centers, one at the University of Bergen and one at NTNU.

Lise Øvreås (Foto: Ola Gamst Sæther)
Lise Øvreås (Photo: Ola Gamst Sæther).

– The VISTA seminar 2021 was a milestone for the VISTA program and the collaboration that the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters have had with Equinor, says Lise Øvreås.

Lise Øvreås is professor in geomicrobiology at UiB and recently participated at the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow.

– We see that research has changed over the years. Scientific problems can rarely be solved by individual researchers and complex issues related to energy and energy transition require a broader professional approach, says Øvreås.

– This is the reason why we, together with Equinor, recently have further developed the VISTA partnership by establishing VISTA centers where researchers come together to solve demanding and important research questions. The CAROS center at NTNU, Trondheim and CSD at UiB will be two such excellent centers for the VISTA collaboration, Øvreås says.

Educating for science and advice 

At the VISTA Researcher Day for young professionals, challenged PhDs, postdocs and researchers on how scientists can take the role of “the honest broker” and give good science advice, inspired by Roger A. Pielke’s book with the same title.

Camilla Stoltenberg. Photo: Ola Gamst Sæther. 

As a real life inspiration, Camilla Stoltenberg, Director General at the Norwegian Institute for Public Health (NIPH) shared her experiences as science advisor during the pandemic.

– Throughout these years, Equinor in collaboration with the Academy has supported Norwegian basic research in areas that have been of great importance to Norway as a nation, and contributed to the education of a large number of PhD candidates that both academia and business have benefited greatly from. The Academy has greatly appreciated this collaboration, says Øvreås.

Ole Mathias Sejersted har been the chairman of the VISTA board and has led VISTA through this process towards the current center model.

The leaders of the VISTA centers

 Inga Berre, leader of the VISTA CSD center in Bergen. 

 Asgeir J. Sørensen, leader of the NTNU center: CAROS. (Photo: Ola G. Sæther)

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