VISTA highlights Oktober and November

Highlights form the VISTA-day and our scollars.

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The VISTA day - 14th of November 2016

The VISTA day is a yearly event held at The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. In general the day seeks to enhance our understanding of future challenges and possibilities linked to energy supply. The seminar is a meeting place and discussion forum for leading people within academia, education, industry and politics.
















Foto of Odd Henriksen (H)

The topic this year was “The Norwegian Shelf – What now?” and where the future role of the Norwegian shelf in the light of the Paris agreement was discussed. This question was analyzed from many different viewpoints from a diverse group of speakers.
















Foto of Mona Jacobsen Mølnvik

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From left: Øivind Andersen, Arve Johnsen and Tor Grande

The event was well attended and the topic sat the stage for great debate. Have a look at the program here. If you are interested to get access to any of the speakers presentations, please send a request to vista@dnva.no.


















Foto from the debate. From left: Ellen Viseth (Bellona), Knut Einar Rosendahl (NMBU), Guri Bang (CICERO), Hans Thrane Nielsen and Aslak Bonde (Moderator). 




Scollar Highlights of Oktober and November


We have asked the VISTA scholars to share their highlights of September. Thanks to Jørgen, Ashkan and Lina and for sharing.


Jørgen Sverdrup-Thygeson 


From September 13th-16th I attended the 10th IFAC Conference on Control Applications in Marine Systems (CAMS 2016) in Trondheim. During the conference I presented my two first conference papers (written in April) titled “Modeling of underwater swimming manipulators” and “A control framework for biologically inspired underwater swimming manipulators equipped with thrusters”. The two papers gave an overview and an introduction to my field of research, and presented a number of promising research directions. From my point of view, these topics will serve as a guideline for a large part of my PhD.


In November, I am travelling to Tokyo to attend the biannual IEEE/OES Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Conference (AUV 2016) and to present a paper with the title “The Underwater Swimming Manipulator – A Bio-Inspired AUV”. This conference has a reputation of being more focused on real-life applications. Most of the other presentations are focused on conventional autonomous underwater vehicles, so it will be particularly interesting to see the response and discuss the potential of using underwater swimming manipulators for underwater inspections and light intervention operations.


Ashkan Jahanbani

Project meeting at Rotvoll, Trondheim (19 October 2016): Presenting project results obtained so far, explaining future plan and changes to the original plan.





























Jon Kleppe (project director), Kjersti Håland (statoil contact person), Stein Børre Torp (statoil, division head), Per Kristian Munkerud (statoil), and Dag Chun Standnes (statoil leading advisor in EOR, on video from Bergen) attended the meeting.


Lina Hedvig Line

The recent months I’ve been very busy collecting, preparing and analysing samples for the project. The core sampling usually takes place at NPD in Stavanger, where most of the core material I am using is stored. In September, I was joined by two master students who are working with the same interesting dataset as I am. We are now in the process of sample preparation and analysing the first results.


I also had the pleasure of attending a three-day course in Rietveld refinement and X-ray diffraction in Maastricht, Netherlands in the beginning of October. XRD analysis is a very important tool for mineral identification and quantification, and I use this method a lot in my daily work. The course provided me with valuable understanding of the physical principles behind the method and useful tips on how to improve the workflow. 


As part of my contract with the University of Oslo involves teaching responsibility, I joined in as a teacher assistant on a 10-days field course in Ainsa, Spain. Field experience also benefints my VISTA-project as  I believe it is important to observe reservoir rocks in several dimensions and get a better feeling of the scale and heterogeneity of different sedimentary systems. For this same reason, I have signed up for a field trip to Dorset in November, this time as a course participant.


I addition to field experience, I have signed up for a FORCE workshop at NPD in the beginning of December. The purpose of my attendance is to meet with researchers from my discipline and listen to their views on how diagenesis impact reservoir quality in clastic and carbonate rocks. Workshops and conferences have proven very academically profitable for me in the past and I hope to make some new connections and ideas to bring back to the office. I will combine this Stavanger vistit with another round of data collection. 


I hope my fellow VISTA scholars are enjoying their research as much as I am. I wish you the best of luck!


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