Highlights from this year's scholar meeting


The focus of this year’s annual scholar meeting was twofold, and included science communication as well as a focus on career possibilities after VISTA.


The VISTA scholar meeting for 2016 were hosted by The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, where abourt 20 scholars were present. 

After opening remarkes by the president of The Norwegian Academy of Sceince and Letter and VISTA board member, Ole M. Sejersted, Tore Grande, chair of VISTA, gave the scholars an introduction to VISTA.









Tor Grande (Chair of the VISTA board) and Ole M. Sejersted (President of The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters).

The highlight of the day was a talk on science communication by Jo Røislien, known for his work with the NRK program “Didgets” (Siffer) and as the first ever Norwegian presenter at Discovery Channel. The talk was followed by a two hour workshop.
















Science communicator, Jo Røislien

The career part of the program was carried by former VISTA scholar Professor Morten Bjøren (HOiA) which gave a presentation on his own career after VISTA. The day ended with an informal dinner in the Academy.


VISTA-scholar attendees. Jo Røislien in the middle.

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