Six new VISTA projects

Three new PhD's and three Post Docs have been granted VISTA funding from January 2015

Improved Recovery: Henrik Anfinsen, PhD NTNU

Detection and Automatic Handling of Gas Kicks


Environment: Svetlana Pakhomova, Post Doc NTNU

Impacts of drilling mud and drill cuttings on sediment-water biogeochemical fluxes, oxygen regime and benthic communities


Environment: Kanchana Bandara, Phd University of Nordland

High resolution models of vertical distribution and migration in high latitude marine zooplankton


Exploration: Casey William Nixon, Post Doc University of Bergen

Topology of Normal Fault Networks in Rift Basins


Future Development and Operations: Jens Norrman, Post Doc NTNU

Next-generation wax inhibitors for the oil and gas industry

Future Development and Operations: Joaquin Vieiro, PhD NTNU

Flexible risers: Slug Flow and structure coupling


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